Our Services

The Allergy Consultation

We always begin with a review of your history - a consultation and discussion that which identifies triggers and the story behind your symptoms. This includes a review of your new patient questionnaire (click to download for hayfever consultations) or the Food Allergy Questionnaire You will then be examined for tell-tale signs of allergic problems.

In many cases we then perform skin prick testing, which looks for indications of the body's reaction to the common triggers of rhinitis. This is performed by a member of our Nurse Allergy Team.

Following testing, you will be seen again by the consulting doctor who reviews your results and ascertains further management as appropriate.

Follow-up appointments (either one or two weeks later) will often be used for the discussion, education and an action plan for your condition. This is often a vital part of our service for most individuals.

If immunotherapy is indicated, a specialist nurse will organise an appointment (usually 30 - 45mins) for provision of immunotherapy education, administration of injection immunotherapy and to observe and monitor sublingual immunotherapy if you are deemed appropriate for this treatment.

Using only evidence-based processes along with scientifically proven diagnostic tests and treatment options, our services include (click on the titles for more information):